Want to make sure your kid is getting the best possible English education?

 Come check out our Oxford Starlight and National Geographic REACH courses for kids! Each integrated with our Oxford Phonics course! At Lighthouse English Online we've designed courses that are not only fun and interactive but also challenging and encouraging. Lessons are taught in a way that allows our students to be active and participate in the topics, rather than just sit there and listen to it be taught to them. We offer lessons blended with a healthy mix of educational games, short videos and specially designed classes. Our students are usually so busy enjoying themselves they forget they're in class. Come learn English and explore the world, all from the comfort of your home, with Lighthouse English Online.


Looking for business English?

Want to improve your business English but can't find what you're looking for? We've put together a course that covers all the need-to-know words and phrases for today's working environments. Our teachers can cover a large range of topics to help you get your business English to where it needs to be.



Need help getting ready for your IELTS, KET or another exam? Lighthouse English Online can help you prepare for any test you have, all from  the comfort of your home. 


Let's just talk!

Do you want to improve your conversation English for an upcoming trip or so you  can better express yourself with internationals? At Lighthouse English Online we offer conversation classes that can help you out with exactly what you need.






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