Anna (Italy/KET student) 

           "In my opinion, Donald is a great teacher. My children are always willing to have lessons with him - and this was not the case with other teachers! His lessons are various and fun - they include listening, writing, conversation, and playing in English. My children have learned a lot without being bored or feeling under pressure."




Jack (China/starlight student)

            "Hello, Teacher Donald, I am JACK's mother. I am honored to have a brief communication with you about JACK's English learning in class. My child has been learning English from you since the middle class in kindergarten. I feel JACK likes your teaching style very much, and the whole class atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. During the class, I can also feel that the teacher has strong communication skills, the child likes and is willing to express and communicate actively. You also try to use sentences and words that he can understand to help him understand the learning content. The teacher is very lively and lovely. He respects the child's opinions and can listen to the child's needs. Good communication helps the child to express his oral English greatly. The course content is also adjusted as the child's age and knowledge increase, the child will occasionally put forward that the learning content is more difficult than before, but he is still willing to continue learning with you, which shows that the child is very interested in your teaching content and has a great improvement in English learning, JACK will continue to work hard and always learn English from you. We are very glad that the child has the current learning status and English expression ability, and I am also very satisfied with your current teaching philosophy.